Bottles With Flair

Having beer at your wedding? Then why not offer it with personalized labels. Creating a specialized label for the bottle is just one more detail that expresses your personality and makes your wedding truly unique. We found these darling beer labels from this graphic designer named Staci on her blog, Sunlight Nights, but there are so many other options. Not into beer? Jones soda also makes personalized labels with photos on them. This really leaves the options open to get creative. You can have your engagement photos on them, photos from trips you have taken together or photos of your favorite places around town. The best part is, Jones soda comes in an array of fabulous flavors and colors, making it one more piece that will add to the mahhhvelous day.  So do your beer, your soda or whatever other bottle you can think of YOUR way with personalized labels! Ditch the bottled water, and go for…the bottle!

theboard2 397x595 Bottles With Flair Jonesboard 595x595 Bottles With Flair

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