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How to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags are a major source of embarrassment and frustration for those who have it. Some people don’t wear summer outfits because of skin tags. Visiting a doctor to get rid of skin tags is very expensive and time consuming. However, you don’t really need to visit a doctor when you can remove skin tags on your own. If you do it properly, you can remove this skin problem without spending a lot of money. Here are some tips on how to remove skin tags.

Apple cider vinegar

You can rub apple cider vinegar on the affected area to remove your skin tags. Do this for three weeks to get the best results.

Toenail clippers

If you are not afraid of cutting the skin tags on your own, you can use toenail clippers to do that. Make sure that the toenail clippers are sterilized before using it. You should also have a lot of bandage with you.

Nail polish

Your regular nail polish can be used to get rid of skin tags. Apply the nail polish on the tags for three weeks. The skin tags will slowly die off and fall off from your skin.

Baking soda and castor oil

Using baking soda and castor oil might be messy, but you won’t suffer from any pain. You just need to mix the two together to create a paste. Apply the paste to the affected area on a regular basis. You can remove the tags within two weeks or so.


Try tying a bandage around the tags. This hinders the flow of blood to the loose skin, killing the tag and making it fall off. You can also tie a thread or dental floss around the tag and keep it there until the loose skin falls off.


One of the most popular products for removing skin tags is DermaBellix. It’s an all-natural liquid-based solution that contains pure essential oils to help you safely, painlessly and quickly remove moles or skin tags on the body. DermaBellix is easy to use and can be used on all types of skin. It also doesn’t cause any irritation or pain. Moreover, DermaBellix doesn’t leave behind any scar. It is very affordable as well.

dermabellix review

DermaBellix dries up skin tags, causing it to wither and fall off on its own. The process can be done in as little as eight hours, but DermaBellix states that results might differ from one person to another. Applying the product is easy. You just need to clean the area around the tags properly. From there, you can apply DermaBellix. Saturate the area with the product using an applicator or cosmetic pad.  You have to wait six to eight hours to see the result. If required, you can reapply DermaBellix until the tag completely falls off. By reading Dermabellix reviews online 2017, you can learn more about this product and how effective it is.

If the skin tag is located in a delicate groin area, it is best that you don’t remove it on your own. Visit your gynecologist or dermatologist to determine the best solution to it.