Wishing Rocks

Want to do a Unity Ceremony but aren’t in love with the idea of a unity candle or sand ceremony, a rock ceremony is a great alternative! The “Rock Ceremony” is a beautiful ceremony that includes everyone who attends the couple’s wedding. It isn’t a religious ceremony so many couples have opted to do this instead of any unity ceremony at all.  The rocks or placed in a container for the guests to pick up on the way to the ceremony or even on their chair. During the ceremony the officiant will ask everyone to make a wish for the couple. Then the rocks are collected in a container each with its own wish and blessing for the marriage.  Some couples even have small markers for each guest so they may write their name on the rock. Then, the couple can save rocks in a nice container to put in their house and always have wishes and blessing around forever.

wishing 595x395 Wishing Rocks

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Wishing Rocks 595x396 Wishing Rocks

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Coley November 4th, 2011 at 10:51 AM

How unique and personal. Love it!

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